Peter Presland-Byrne

How IT Leaders Can Hold Vendors Accountable For Outcomes

Peter Presland-Byrne • September 20th, 2016

If you’ve ever bought anything requiring a significant investment, then you’ve likely experienced the pre-sale courtship followed by the post-sale cold shoulder. During the sales process, the sales team is responsive, helpful, and solicitous. You get the impression that you’re beginning a relationship, not just buying a product. Then the …

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Leverage Data to Make Informed Business Decisions

Peter Presland-Byrne • July 26th, 2016

Data about your company’s technology environment can be your greatest ally. It can help direct scarce resources, depict progress toward a strategic goal, or convince the board to invest in a specific area. Without data, you’re working off instinct, keeping your fingers crossed during change related incidents, and trying to …

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Why a Bad Software Deployment Is Worse Than Doing Nothing

Peter Presland-Byrne • June 1st, 2016

When companies deploy a new software solution, they do so because they believe it will solve a growing problem, create a new capability, or drive efficiency. Part of your organization’s success may hinge on an effective deployment. If it goes well, that’s great. But if it doesn’t – well, you’re …

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