1. Sherrie Danquer

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    With 30 years of experience, Sherrie is passionate about sharing her knowledge in the IT Service Management space with customers, colleagues and other ITSM professionals. Her goal is to help people to continuously mature and grow their tools and processes.

Metrics MythBusters: Stop Measuring First Call Resolution

True or False: First Call Resolution is the best indicator of Service Desk performance and is a good indicator of the quality of service your clients are receiving. Answer: False. While many organizations continue to use First Call Resolution for this purpose, entirely too much emphasis is placed on it. Let’s break it down. First…

ITIL Maturity – What’s Holding You Back?

Is ITIL adoption helping or hurting business? Is ITIL paralyzing organizations?  Organizations have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ITIL initiatives in the last ten years.  However, Gartner’s Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) maturity model shows stagnant growth in an already abysmally low operational maturity. Why do you suppose that is?  Is ITIL the problem,…