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4 Ways You Can Actually Achieve Business Outcomes in Your Next Project

Jesse White • May 14th, 2020

Organizations purchase software not to implement new software, but to achieve business outcomes, such as improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, remediating risk, and reducing operational costs. As project design begins, however, these business outcomes become buried beneath lengthy lists of technical requirements and project deliverables, and become increasingly distant. …

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How (and Why) to Shift your Investment From Pre- to Post-Implementation

Jesse White • May 14th, 2020

An IT project typically follows the Pareto principle, with 80% of the excitement, momentum, and executive sponsorship devoted to the project itself, often resulting in a mere 20% of the output necessary to achieve the intended long-term business outcomes. While a successful go-live can drive short-term gratification, it rarely results …

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You Should Expect More from Your IT Operations Software

Jesse White • May 14th, 2020

Your software implementation is done. You’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, money and political capital (and grown a few more gray hairs) to get to this point. You now (hopefully) have the tools and methods in place to mature your IT Operations. What now? When the glow of …

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3 Keys to a Successful IT Transformation: What I Learned at the IRS

Rick Fratanduono • August 23rd, 2016

Leading a successful IT transformation at a large institution like the Internal Revenue Service, the focus of the final five years of my government career, is a complex, difficult task, but not impossible. It’s a rewarding journey full of ups and downs that requires patience, persistence, resilience, coalition building, and …

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How IT Leaders Can Use Past Failure To Fuel Their Future Success

Ale Infante • August 16th, 2016

How far would you go for something you don’t believe will succeed? As an IT leader, how much can you push your organization to embrace your project if you, the person who started it, doubt it will achieve its intended purpose? Would you really give your best to something you …

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IT Power Users: Build, Nurture, and Leverage Your Own

Ale Infante • August 4th, 2016

When we talk to business leaders about IT power users, most don’t know whether they have any, or how to create them. Some have never heard the term. If that sounds like you, that’s a problem – a big one. Because without power users, you won’t achieve full adoption of …

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Leverage Data to Make Informed Business Decisions

Peter Presland-Byrne • July 26th, 2016

Data about your company’s technology environment can be your greatest ally. It can help direct scarce resources, depict progress toward a strategic goal, or convince the board to invest in a specific area. Without data, you’re working off instinct, keeping your fingers crossed during change related incidents, and trying to …

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Metrics MythBusters: Stop Measuring First Call Resolution

Sherrie Danquer • July 20th, 2016

True or False: First Call Resolution is the best indicator of Service Desk performance and is a good indicator of the quality of service your clients are receiving. Answer: False. While many organizations continue to use First Call Resolution for this purpose, entirely too much emphasis is placed on it. …

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Software Training: Overlooked, But Crucial to Success

Ale Infante • July 12th, 2016

As someone who has spent a career in the IT services field, in both the public and private sectors, there’s one thing I’ve seen too often: When it comes to new technology deployments, enterprises fail to understand how important training is to the success of their employees and to the …

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4 Steps to Improving IT Communication in Your Organization

Ale Infante • June 21st, 2016

IT departments are famous for creating enormous value no one understands. Only 4% of IT leaders surveyed last year described their teams’ communication with non-IT colleagues as “highly effective”, and according to CIO magazine, communication between IT and non-IT professionals is in a state of crisis. Poor communication is problematic …

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Why a Bad Software Deployment Is Worse Than Doing Nothing

Peter Presland-Byrne • June 1st, 2016

When companies deploy a new software solution, they do so because they believe it will solve a growing problem, create a new capability, or drive efficiency. Part of your organization’s success may hinge on an effective deployment. If it goes well, that’s great. But if it doesn’t – well, you’re …

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Why I Am Quitting Traditional IT Management Consulting

Jesse White • May 7th, 2013

Traditional IT Management Consulting uses fear, doubt and powerful relationships to sell business leaders promises of game changing outcomes. They make the simple complex, extremely expensive and then get paid to simplify it again. Too many times getting paid to waste time and money to point the finger at their competitor, the IT department. How is …

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