Consulting and Cuisine: If Choosing an IT Consulting Firm Was Like Choosing a Restaurant

Jesse White • April 13th, 2021

I am often disappointed with customers’ low expectations of IT consulting firms. Personally, I like to frequent businesses that care about their customers, care to do it right, and offer something that memorably improves my life, one experience at a time. If IT consulting firms were evaluated by the same …

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Optimize Your Investment – Master the ITSM Approach Proven to Achieve Results

Jesse White • November 20th, 2020

You invest in ITSM solutions to achieve business outcomes – perhaps it’s to lower operational costs, improve customer experience, or reduce compliance risk. After successfully implementing these solutions, many customers find that they often fail to achieve their intended business outcomes over time, often resulting in a chronic tool-replacement cycle.  …

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4 Ways You Can Actually Achieve Business Outcomes in Your Next Project

Jesse White • May 14th, 2020

Organizations purchase software not to implement new software, but to achieve business outcomes, such as improving customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, remediating risk, and reducing operational costs. As project design begins, however, these business outcomes become buried beneath lengthy lists of technical requirements and project deliverables, and become increasingly distant. …

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Why I Am Quitting Traditional IT Management Consulting

Jesse White • May 7th, 2013

Traditional IT Management Consulting uses fear, doubt and powerful relationships to sell business leaders promises of game changing outcomes. They make the simple complex, extremely expensive and then get paid to simplify it again. Too many times getting paid to waste time and money to point the finger at their competitor, the IT department. How is …

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