IT Implementation

Consulting and Cuisine: If Choosing an IT Consulting Firm Was Like Choosing a Restaurant

Jesse White • April 13th, 2021

I am often disappointed with customers’ low expectations of IT consulting firms. Personally, I like to frequent businesses that care about their customers, care to do it right, and offer something that memorably improves my life, one experience at a time. If IT consulting firms were evaluated by the same …

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The Buzz About AIOps

Ale Infante • August 29th, 2019

Way back in 1978 there was a Clint Eastwood movie called “Every Which Way But Loose”. That was a lifetime ago technologically, but the title is a great way to sum up the frequent and scattered use of the term AIOPS in the ITOM marketplace today. It seems we are …

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Metrics MythBusters: Stop Measuring First Call Resolution

Sherrie Danquer • July 20th, 2016

True or False: First Call Resolution is the best indicator of Service Desk performance and is a good indicator of the quality of service your clients are receiving. Answer: False. While many organizations continue to use First Call Resolution for this purpose, entirely too much emphasis is placed on it. …

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Why a Bad Software Deployment Is Worse Than Doing Nothing

Peter Presland-Byrne • June 1st, 2016

When companies deploy a new software solution, they do so because they believe it will solve a growing problem, create a new capability, or drive efficiency. Part of your organization’s success may hinge on an effective deployment. If it goes well, that’s great. But if it doesn’t – well, you’re …

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