Wild Card

Job Description

We are looking for people who are aware that IT is not just about tools and processes, but about great communication as well.

We want nonconformists who are looking for a place where they can have a real impact, regardless of the position they’re at.

Desired Skills and Experience

Technical Skills

This role is not about having or not having technical skills, but about your potential and loving what you do.

You would be great for our team if you are…

  1. Passionate:  You love what you do and can’t imagine your life without it.
  2. Creative: You are always trying to find different ways to communicate an idea. You never conform to the norm.
  3. Selfless: For you, it is not just about doing the job and getting the paycheck. It is about how you can help the people around you.
  4. Energetic and likable: You are assertive, bold and enthusiastic.
  5. Curious: You are always trying to learn new things, and finding new ways of improving yourself.
  6. Courageous: Speak up when something doesn’t make sense to you.
Job Requirements

The only requirement for this position is that you are eager to learn and want to improve yourself.

Why take the time?

At Intact each team member is more than just a number in the payroll, we offer the flexibilities of a small company with most of the perks of a big company.

Once we find people who are a great fit for Intact, we keep them challenged, help them advance in their careers with us, and make sure they are surrounded by other bright and amazing people.

Intact is an Affirmative Action Employer, committed to providing equal employment opportunity without regard to an individual’s race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, national original, or disability.  Intact is a proud promoter of a drug-free workplace.



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