Set Up


Is your team US-Based?

Yes, our ONPOINT team is based in the D.C. Metro Area in order to support our U.S. government and commercial customers.


How do I get started?

Email onpoint@intact-tech.com to schedule a call to discuss your goals. You’ll never get a hard sales pitch from us – we’ll take this time to learn more about you and determine if we’re a fit for one another.


Do I have people dedicated to my account?

The benefit of a managed services team is having a shared team that can flex and grow to meet your needs, but you will also have a primary Customer Success Manager that will provide leadership to help you and your team achieve your desired outcomes throughout the life of the project.


Do you have SLAs?

Yes, ONPOINT manages and reports response and fulfillment SLAs monthly.


Do I need specialized technical staff?

No, ONPOINT provides all the technical resources you will need to manage, enhance, and optimize your software. All we need from you is a liaison or primary escalation point of contact.




What is the business value of ONPOINT Manage?

Manage guarantees business continuity by keeping your software healthy, available, and always current, and your users empowered and engaged. ONPOINT will perform standard daily health checks on your software, troubleshoot and/or escalate any issues found either through our routine checks or by users, and fulfill basic administrative requests.


How will I know the status of my requests and the health of my tools?

ONPOINT provides monthly reports around the basic administrative requests that have been completed, as well as issues that have been identified and resolved. We communicate these outcomes to stakeholders and use weekly syncs with key personnel to discuss action items and accomplishments.


Does ONPOINT participate in our change management process and meetings for our software? 

ONPOINT will represent the software we manage and its changes. We will follow your change management process.


Is ONPOINT responsible for my software?

Yes, we will ensure your software is healthy and available. We are constantly watching the performance and availability of your software through proactive maintenance. When an issue occurs, we will escalate immediately.


When do I call you vs. software support?

No need to call support, we will handle everything for you! We operate as an extension of your team and we are responsible for 100% of the incidents affecting the software we’re managing. We have deep relationships with our vendor partners and will escalate critical issues through our partner vendor relationships.


How do you communicate the status of our software and service?

ONPOINT will send you a monthly report detailing all tasks completed and a report with the aggregated data of our proactive checks with observations and action items. If we discover any issues, we will communicate them to you immediately and will not wait for the monthly report. 





What is the business value of ONPOINT Enhance?

Enhance allows you to rapidly deploy new software capabilities on-demand from a catalog of 300+ fixed-cost enhancements to achieve your business goals.


How do I request enhancements?

You can request enhancements directly with your CSM or through the ONPOINT self-service portal.


What is the business value of enhancement points?

Points provide you flexibility as your business needs (inevitably) evolve and change over time. Catalog items have a defined point value that will not change over the life of your contract.


How do you keep your catalog current?

We constantly review new software capabilities as they are released to make sure our catalog is up-to-date with the latest features.


What if something I need is not in your catalog?

We will work with you to define an appropriate point value for the request based on the level of effort required.


What is an Enhancement Plan?

An Enhancement Plan is a roadmap of your organization’s goals with a timeline and catalog items you’ll need to get from where you are today to where you want to be.



Intact Technology - Drive Enablement and Adoption


What is the business value of ONPOINT Optimize?

Optimize allows you to carve a clear path aligned to your strategy to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your software investment.


What kind capabilities do I get access to with Optimize?

– Upgrade Assurance

– Product Advisory

– Strategic Planning

– Ongoing Value Communication

– On-Demand Access to a Management Consultant

How does Upgrade Assurance work?

We guarantee an annual upgrade of your software to ensure you are always at N-1. This is critical for making sure all versions are supported and eligible for the latest capabilities. We will include your software vendors in version conversations if they are supported by the ONPOINT catalog.


Will you work with my software vendors on advisory activities?

Yes, we will include your software vendors in version conversations if they are supported by the ONPOINT catalog.


What is the value of Product Advisory from Intact as opposed to the vendor?

We know you, your goals, your environment, and your existing software investments, and we are up-to-date on industry trends. We work with you to maximize your software capabilities.


What is Strategic Planning?

A Strategic Plan is a detailed roadmap that plots the most efficient path from where you are today to where you want to be, and the specific catalog items it will take to get you there.


How can you help me articulate the value of my software to my organization?

We will create a Communication Plan that focuses on aligning your IT department, business leadership, and end users to the vision of the project and the value it’s creating, to drive enablement and user adoption, and to ultimately deliver exceptional results. We will deploy communication campaigns along the way to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the value that’s been created and what’s coming next.


What is on-demand access to a Management Consultant?

Just as ONPOINT customers have access to the full ONPOINT catalog, ONPOINT Optimize customers also have access to Intact’s senior Management Consultants’ time and strategic and process expertise.