Our Approach

  • We Meet You Where You Are
  • We Focus On Results
  • We Are Committed to Your Success
  • We Focus On People

We Meet You Where You Are

We don’t believe in “selling” you services that we hope you need. We take our responsibility as your advisor seriously and understand that we are here not just to check boxes based on requirements, but to solve problems.


Our goal is to get to know you, your professional and organizational goals, challenges, obstacles and opportunities.


We ask questions to understand your current situation and work with you to identify the underlying root causes of the problems you face. We design a long-term strategy to help you overcome your challenges and to get you where you want to be efficiently.


After discussing this, we can determine together if we are a good fit for you.  If we are not, there is no pressure, no awkward moments and no stalking.

We Focus On Results

Having responded to and implemented solutions based on “requirements” for 18 years only to inevitably see that we failed to “hit the mark” from a business perspective, we changed our approach to focus on the results that make an impact.


While deliverables are important, results are what really matters. We work with you to prioritize your needs and understand the results you want to obtain. We prioritize your challenges to help you allocate resources and obtain faster outcomes.


Our entire process, from strategic planning to the implementation, through training and ongoing operations, is focused on delivering results that your users and customers care about.


People adopt results (the more personal the better), not requirements.  The business recognizes and gains confidence in IT Leaders that produce results; they could care less about the 500 requirements that went out in an RFP.

We Are Committed to Your Success

We take the time to understand what’s important for you and commit to help you get where you want to be.


Why? Because we understand personal success has an exponential impact on organizations and that hitting all the deliverables on time and on budget does not necessarily make you successful.  Real success requires long-term sustainability and is tied to making your value clear to the rest of the organization.

We Focus On People

While tools and processes all offer similar capabilities, we’ve learned that people are the differentiating factor between one project and another.


You cannot get the results you expect without people adopting your solution. When it comes to getting people on board and convincing them to use your solution, we don’t rely on the traditional “you must, you shall” approach. We have developed specific methods around enablement, adoption and communication to motivate people to be engaged and excited about your solution. Our goal is to help you deliver a result that matters in the most optimal way possible and help you improve that result in time.

Real Framework

  • Overview
  • Results
  • Expectations
  • Adoption
  • Leverage


At Intact, we are committed to helping you make an impact in your organization. So we’ve developed the REAL Framework – a proven strategy for IT Management success. We believe that in order to get the most out of your IT Management solution you need to go beyond requirements, set clear expectations, generate adoption and leverage wins.


Your success is about more than a great implementation. It’s about people adopting results that are meaningful to them.



We encourage our customer to communicate in terms of results instead of requirements. Why? Because the business does not understand requirements and people do not connect to them.



We believe expectations are the true measure of success and the only human KPI. For this reason expectations need to be clearly defined and set from the beginning. If you are not setting expectations, someone else will.



We have observed that no matter how successful an implementation is, if people don’t adopt it, results are not achieved. Without adoption organizations struggle to obtain the full value of their investment.



We believe that succeeding with any IT Management solution requires leveraging every small win and relationship possible to build momentum.