Transforming Employee Experience: The Fastest U.S. Federal Government HR Modernization

By Jason Hampel | September 28th, 2023 | Featured | Implementation

In an era where the efficiency of operations and employee satisfaction are paramount, Intact is proud to announce its latest achievement – a groundbreaking implementation of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) and Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) applications at a large U.S. Federal agency.   


In just seven months, the Intact team implemented these platforms with its fixed-price, outcome-based managed service model, making this the fastest U.S. Federal Government HR modernization of this size on the ServiceNow platform. The impact of this transformation is massive, and the collaborative effort has revolutionized workflow capabilities to significantly enhance the employee experience. This milestone comes on the heels of the successful deployment of Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) earlier in the year at the same agency.  


A Unified Platform for Seamless Employee Services 

The project’s success stems from a concerted partnership between the agency’s EOps, the Human Capital Office (HCO), Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Facilities Management & Security Services (FMSS), and the Chief Finance Office. Together, they have created a modern, streamlined service management platform featuring centralized data and automated workflows. This platform promises to enhance the employment journey for every employee within the agency. 


Notably, the project introduced a staggering 286 new services accessible through the employee portal. This one-stop shop empowers nearly 90,000 agency employees to easily access solutions, seek information, and submit and track requests, encompassing a wide spectrum of services spanning the entire employee lifecycle. 


Leveraging the Full Power of Integration 


What sets this implementation apart is its holistic approach. Rather than a simple migration of existing capabilities, the project harnessed the unified ServiceNow platform to build interconnected workflows. These workflows not only improve the employee experience today but also lay the foundation for rapid deployment of new services and capabilities as the agency expands its workforce. 


This initiative makes the agency the first large U.S. federal agency to connect automated workflows across HRSD, WSD, and ITSM applications. Employees can now submit a single request, such as an office move, triggering coordinated workflows across multiple business units—ranging from HR to facilities to IT. This ensures all aspects of the request are fulfilled promptly. An Employee Resource Center (ERC) agent gains real-time visibility into all workflows, while the requesting employee can easily track progress from start to finish through a centralized landing page. 


By eliminating siloed workflows, manual efforts, and providing transparency into request status, employees enjoy a more seamless and satisfying experience, both as service requesters and fulfillers. With this successful implementation, the agency is well-positioned to leverage the powerful capabilities of HRSD and WSD applications to further enhance the workforce experience. 


Innovation Leading to Success 


This achievement reflects a remarkable alignment between the agency’s offices, Intact, and customers from HCO, FMSS, and Finance. Their commitment to the agency’s guiding principles, combined with Intact’s exception-based design methodology which leverages the ServiceNow platform’s capabilities, accelerated modernization, reduced technical debt, and aligned operations with strategic objectives. 


Over 500 users actively participated in on-site and virtual testing events, conducting over 10,000 tests and providing invaluable feedback to the development team. They not only benefited from early enablement but also became advocates for the transformative potential of the new platform. 


As the HCO lead for the effort notes, “This approach fostered buy-in from the stakeholders and greater levels of satisfaction with what is being delivered, now and in the future.” It also positioned various departments to mature their capabilities and redefine workflows across divisions. 


A Record of Modernization Success 


With three consecutive modernization deployments in 2023—SPM in February, ITSM in April, and integrated employee lifecycle workflows in July—the agency exemplifies how low-code/no-code, out-of-box technology can be harnessed to rapidly modernize legacy systems. This enables employees to better serve their constituents while elevating their own experiences. 


Congratulations to the agency on this momentous launch! The successful implementation underscores the potential for innovation and collaboration to transform the way government agencies operate and deliver services to their employees and the American public.  


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