We’re IT Operations experts that give a damn. With more than 40% of our workforce former customers themselves, we’ve been in your shoes. We understand the challenges you and your leadership face day-to-day. We have experienced the need for an evolved approach to traditional consulting, and we’ve built it.


We’re creative strategists and innovative problem solvers, brimming with energy and urgency to deliver meaningful outcomes. We’re here to unpack your complexities, remove barriers, and hopefully have some fun along the way. 


We are consultants with a conscience.

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“There’s so much stress and so much fire-fighting that our customers have just accepted as part of their jobs, and at the end of the day we are firmly committed to giving our customers their lives back. We want them to be able to spend Friday night at a baseball game with their kids. We want them to know we have their back and are going to deliver everything we say we’re going to, and more. We want them to feel their experience with Intact was irreplaceable, and we want to have some fun.”

– Jesse White, Intact CEO



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“What strikes me about the Intact brand is you have this extraordinarily disruptive and unique approach to something that is very ingrained and clunky; Intact offers a brand new, outcome-focused approach that is everything the consulting industry is not. And when you start actually kicking the tires and really looking at it, you have a team of people who are tremendously well-trained and passionate about delivering real outcomes for customers, and empowered to do so. You know those people who are all give and all effort no matter what you need? That’s Intact.”

– Jason Hampel, Intact President

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