About Commitments

Champions of our people & community

Unlocking human potential happens when people feel safe to bring their full selves to work. As an inclusive, values-driven collective, we’re in the business of transforming more than just digital platforms. We’re committed to creating equitable opportunities, being a catalyst for societal change, and making a lasting impact—on our clients, our community, and each other. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitments

Change starts from within

At Intact, DEI is more than a goal; it’s a key driver of innovation and central to our culture of belonging. We make a conscious commitment to improving our processes, policies, and practices—all in the name of a stronger and more empathetic workplace. This allows us to best serve our people, who come from and represent over 56 countries, and our broader communities.

Currently our work is focused on:

  • Catalyzing a diverse workforce through learning opportunities and intentional pathway development
  • Assessing our team development through continuous investment in diverse pipelines and partnerships
  • Building a culture that exemplifies inclusion by acknowledging the rich background and experiences of our people
  • Offering a transformational workforce development program that vets for emotional intelligence and personal growth potential, not just technical experience—leading to greater socioeconomic mobility for our people

Community Impact

Giving back moves everyone forward

We invest in causes close to our heart.

Our Social Impact Committee (SIC) launched in 2024 to formalize and catalyze Intact’s social impact strategy—including community engagement, employee volunteering, and sustainability. Supported by Executive Leadership and driven by a diverse group of employees from across the business, we’re willing to do real work to turn our vision for a more equitable future into reality.

Tracking our community progress

We keep a close eye on our efforts and investments to make sure it backs up our word.

50 Organizations donated to
$222K Charitable giving
13 Social Impact Committee members

*Data collected across Jan 2021-Dec 2023