Setting you up for rapid, continuous evolution

Your ability to adapt, evolve, and compete starts with a smart set-up—and the right partner. 

Why? Because most ServiceNow consultants prioritize short-term wins that compromise long-term platform health. They say “yes” to unnecessary and costly platform over-customization requests, and in parallel they forgo proper strategic planning, governance, organizational change management, and plans for platform enhancements. These complex and poorly thought out systems are harder to upgrade and maintain—leaving you “stuck” with technical debt.

We’ve seen this scenario too many times. This is why we’ve designed a business model that contractually obligates us to achieve efficient outcomes and enable rapid, continuous digital evolution for our clients.

Here’s how we do it, differently

An approach and contracting model that guarantee efficient outcomes

We offer a firm-fixed pricing model that incentivizes us to thoughtfully leverage the technology as it was designed—not to unnecessarily alter it for our own financial gain. This ensures quick outcomes and clean technology into the long-term.

A “must-have” view of organizational change management

We execute human-centric adoption campaigns that help employees understand how to use the new platform—and why it benefits them to do so.

A subscription model that makes continuous enhancement fast and easy

We offer a subscription model that enables quick action on demand backlogs so that you can constantly create new platform functionality—without ever needing to re-open the procurement process.

A team of experts and good humans, driven to meet your needs

We believe in a culture of continuous learning. We offer a proprietary training program to cultivate the technical leaders and experts who unlock sustained digital evolution for your organization.

This difference unfolds across our 3 key services

Platform Strategy & Governance

Our flexible yet rigorous support helps you shape and execute against the standards and processes required to maintain platform integrity and ingest update demands.


Our proprietary approach to implementation goes way beyond the basics, ensuring quick outcomes in the short-term, clean technology in the long-term, and team buy-in all throughout.

Management & Enhancement

Our firm-fixed price subscription model helps you quickly take action on demand backlogs, allowing you to seamlessly evolve your ServiceNow platform—without ever having to re-open the bid process.

Our flexible pricing model meets you where you are

Whether you need targeted or end-to-end platform support, our firm-fixed price subscription model aligns incentives and creates efficiencies—allowing you to seamlessly evolve your ServiceNow platform with no contract change orders needed.

firm-fixed price
A la carte
Just one service

Some clients come to us with targeted needs on a new or existing platform.

If you issue a time & materials contract, we’ll treat it like a firm-fixed price partnership—that’s how committed we are to efficient outcomes.

firm-fixed price
All services

Other clients want our end-to-end support—from Platform Strategy & Governance, to Implementation, to ongoing Management & Enhancements.

All bundled projects are firm-fixed.

And we accommodate your procurement needs


The numbers speak for themselves

We’re fast, efficient, and committed to getting it right—every time. We are incredibly proud of the transformational outcomes we’ve achieved for clients over the years.

4.8 CSAT Score
96% Customer retention rate
83 Net promoter score (industry average is 23)
8 Avg. ServiceNow modules implemented per client/yr
6 Months avg. SPM deployment timeline

We bring expansive ServiceNow expertise to federal and enterprise clients

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