Services Implementation

Maximum capability. Minimum customization.

Today’s SaaS offerings are robust enough to meet nearly 100% of customer needs with little customization required.

And yet, most ServiceNow consultants spend far too much time on costly customization, and far too little time helping your teams use and embrace the new platform. Ultimately, this leads to sparse platform buy-in and heavy technical debt.

We go way beyond the basics to ensure clean, scalable technology

Significant customization is simply not in your best interest. We instead place emphasis on the most efficient use of the technology as well as on organizational change management. This enables quick outcomes, platform integrity and longevity, as well as an appetite for change across your teams.

Specifically, our Implementation work emphasizes:


Strategic planning

We lead and facilitate collaborative working sessions to help you confidently articulate the organizational outcomes your ServiceNow platform must achieve.


Exception-based design

We determine how best to efficiently leverage the inherent strengths of the ServiceNow platform—and we partner with your leadership team to stay on track. This allows for quick outcomes and clean technology into the long term.


Build & launch

We are huge agile advocates and use this methodology to bring your teams into our design-, build-, test-, and validate- sprint cycles.


Continuous change management support

We design and execute human-centric adoption campaigns across the life of your Implementation, helping your teams understand how to use the new technology—and why it benefits them to do so.


Our flexible pricing model meets you where you are

Firm-fixed price*
A La Carte
Just Implementation

Some clients want our help with the implementation of a new ServiceNow platform or an individual module. 


If you issue a time & materials contract, we’ll treat it like a firm-fixed price partnership—that’s how committed we are to efficient outcomes.

Firm-fixed price*
Bundled Services

Other clients opt for a bundled subscription, allowing for a quick and easy path from implementation into ongoing updates—with flexible yet rigorous governance throughout.

All bundled projects are firm-fixed.


Numbers that speak for themselves

We’re incredibly proud of the outcomes we’ve achieved through our Implementation work.

4.8 CSAT score
12x Higher average adoption rate
0 Cost overruns
Insights & successes

Our obsession with rapid outcomes and platform integrity benefits organizations like yours

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Modernizing Employee Workflows in Record Time

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Case Study

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Strategic Portfolio Management

Hours Over Outcomes: Mythbusters

Let’s set the record straight about outcome-based agreements.


Trading Hours for Outcomes

We focus on end goals over how long projects take.