Services Management & Enhancement

Evolve Smartly

ServiceNow platforms should be easy to upgrade and enhance alongside shifts in your organization.

In reality, most platforms are stuck with technical debt that inhibits platform evolution. Additionally, extraordinary time and money is wasted when organizations need to reopen the bidding process each time platform updates are needed—which is often.

Our subscription model primes you for growth and mission-critical change

Like most ServiceNow consultants, we are deep experts in managed services. Unlike others, we offer a firm-fixed price subscription model that allows you to quickly take action on demand backlogs across the life of your subscription—without ever executing change orders or reopening bids. In other words, we remove friction and save you time as you rapidly evolve your platform and generate new capabilities for your organization.

Our Continuous Enhancement Subscription Model includes:


Unlimited administration

We conduct incident management and address any and all of your how-to questions through the life of your subscription. Ask us anything. Really.


Guaranteed service level agreements

We don’t just guarantee upgrades and N-1 version currency—we also self-assign penalties that ensure we’re walking the walk on promised SLAs.


Ongoing platform evolution

We seamlessly enhance and optimize your platform across the life of your subscription—with no change orders needed. It’s easy, it’s flexible, and it helps your organization adapt in a world that’s always changing.


Our flexible pricing model meets you where you are

Firm-Fixed Price*
A La Carte
Just Management & Enhancement

Some clients come to us with specific platform upgrade and enhancement needs for an existing platform.

If you issue a time & materials contract, we’ll treat it like a firm-fixed price partnership—that’s how committed we are to efficient outcomes.

Firm-fixed price*
Bundled services
Other clients opt for a bundled subscription, allowing for a quick and easy path from implementation into ongoing updates—with flexible yet rigorous governance throughout.

All bundled projects are firm-fixed.


Numbers that speak for themselves

We’re incredibly proud of the outcomes we’ve achieved through our Management & Enhancement work.

60% Less expensive than traditional O&M projects
100% SLA compliance across all contracts
8 Avg. ServiceNow modules implemented per customer/year
Insights & Successes

Our obsession with rapid outcomes and platform integrity benefits organizations like yours

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Trading Hours for Outcomes

We focus on end goals over how long projects take.

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Clear guidance with a spirit of service fosters deep loyalty.”