Outcomes Case Study

Unlocking organizational modernization at speed

A Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution for a major U.S. federal agency

Strategic Portfolio Management
The Challenge

Overhauling legacy systems and processes

A large U.S. federal agency received a multi-billion-dollar congressional budget to invest in organizational modernization—and they needed a way to manage and report on it immediately. Legacy tools and processes, including the use of manually maintained spreadsheets, were not sufficient for an initiative of this size.


Committing to platform configuration to drive rapid outcomes

Intact approaches platform systems differently. Our solutions are: 

Aligned to outcomes | We worked with the customer to clearly understand the drivers behind the solution: 

  1. Maximize executive visibility into the portfolio and enable strategic decision-making. 
  2. Ensure compliance with Congressional reporting standards.

Focused on people | We understood the critical priority this project represented for the customer and leveraged our processes accordingly. We worked to identify, through the exception-based design process, what functionality was needed most urgently and why it was important to their success. 

Designed to scale | Although the initial development period was just one month, we knew that what we built was just the foundation for a much larger solution. We focused on providing immediate value to the customer that could be continually iterated upon for future growth. 

Built to last | Utilized out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities with no or low code to ensure software upgradability and easy enhancements. This low-code/no-code approach positioned the agency to continue to standardize and reuse what was built to accelerate time to value.


Successful portfolio management at speed

Working on a one-month deadline, Intact successfully delivered an initial implementation that leveraged ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) tool. This resulted in the customer gaining visibility into all development work required to modernize the agency, providing immediate value. 

The 21-day SPM implementation allowed the agency to immediately manage a critical and highly visible portfolio and budget, while providing time and space to properly configure additional functionalities using a thoughtful, phased approach. 

This has enabled the customer to: 

Increase the speed and accuracy of complex portfolio management planning and decisions. 

Reduce the cost and overhead associated with manual compliance and reporting efforts. 

Reduce its legacy technology footprint. 

Access the information that matters – Customized dashboards allow audiences to easily visualize and receive the data they need to do their jobs quickly. 

Ease the burden of oversight – Immediate visibility across the portfolio reduces the time it takes to retrieve information and helps ensure compliance. 

Make decisions with confidence – Data is in one place, making support and justification for decisions easily accessible. 

Continue to build capabilities that work for them – Continuous conversation and a focus on enhancements has allowed the agency to continue to grow SPM and deliver value to its users and the agency.

“These dashboards and reports for the project and portfolio as well as the goals/targets we implemented in the Strategic Planning Workspace completely transform the way the agency can manage their portfolio, and in the future, IT as well.”

Project Lead
Federal Agency