Outcomes Case Study

A Better Employee Experience

Implementing the SPM module within a U.S. federal agency’s pre-existing IT Service Management platform

Strategic Portfolio Management
The Challenge

Eliminating disconnect and redundancy across workflows

A large federal agency did not have a uniform application to manage work intake, facilitate project prioritization, or provide a common place for managing projects. Its teams manually tracked and reported all project requests, which made for a disorganized and time-consuming process. The agency needed a tool that could automate the project request and approval process as well as assist in managing all approved projects.


A six-sprint approach toward a streamlined user experience

To enable key stakeholders to identify, prioritize, and schedule the right work while aligning resources and responding to changing needs, Intact implemented ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and continued to grow the already existing ServiceNow footprint.

Intact approaches implementations differently. Our solutions are: 

Aligned to outcomes | We worked with the customer to clearly understand the drivers behind the solution: 

  1. Provide a common place for managing projects to allow for better insight on resources. 
  2. Automate and better manage work intake to assist with the prioritization of projects. 

Focused on people | We educated stakeholders using multiple workshops where we encouraged reviews and feedback to ensure the product would meet their specific needs. We planned and provided specific training to different user groups to drive adoption of the new capabilities.

Designed to scale | We focused on providing our customer with a tool that was powerful, user-friendly, and had potential to grow with their demands. We leveraged SPM standards, enabling automation to rapidly deploy additional processes in the future. 

Built to last | We utilized out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities with no or low code to ensure software upgradability and easy enhancements. This low-code/no-code approach positioned the agency to continue to standardize and reuse what was built to continue to grow and accelerate time to value.


Employee enthusiasm says it all

The Intact team successfully released the SPM module within the existing ServiceNow IT Service Management platform, providing a sole space for the management and prioritization of demands, projects, and resources. The solution offered the agency a streamlined and automated workflow for demand requests, housing all information in a common place and providing visibility across multiple departments—ultimately unlocking sustained evolution.

The implementation set the groundwork for better decision making—allowing the client to track all requests in the platform, view more accurate reports of all projects and anticipated work, and plan, deliver and track value across different deployment methodologies. 

This project enabled the following for the client: 

A unified platform – The agency is now utilizing one platform for their IT Service Management, Demand Management, and Project Management.

Efficiency through automation – All project requests and demands are now streamlined into one workflow, reducing manual efforts and increasing productivity.

Visibility to make decisions with confidence – Data is in one place, making support and justification for decisions easily accessible.

Increased ServiceNow adoption – The use of the SPM module by different management offices helps drive the adoption of the ServiceNow platform.