Outcomes Case Study

Driving Organizational Growth

Adding SPM in just 4 weeks for a major U.S. federal agency

Strategic Portfolio Management
The Challenge

Transitioning to an independent entity

A relatively new federal agency is in the middle of a multi-year process of transitioning operations from a shared services model to an agency-operated one. The deployment of their own ServiceNow platform became necessary to successfully transition while generating excitement, demand, and a multitude of projects across the organization.

With the demand for ServiceNow capabilities exponentially rising, the need for oversight, prioritization, and organization became critical. The customer struggled to gain visibility into the different inflight and planned projects, limiting the ability to plan strategically and accommodate resources to support their growth.


Delivering outcomes through the Strategic Portfolio Management module and aligned governance

Intact approaches implementations differently. Our solutions are: 

Aligned to outcomes | We worked with the customer to clearly understand the drivers behind the solution: 

  1. Efficiently manage the rapid expansion of ServiceNow capabilities. 
  2. Provide visibility around all ServiceNow efforts. 

Focused on people | We worked with multiple stakeholders to understand their specific needs and determine the SPM capabilities to be delivered. To support the technical delivery of SPM, we built a repository of over 20+ training resources (videos, training recordings, user guides, Quick Reference Guides), providing comprehensive user support. 

Designed to scale | By leveraging ServiceNow best practices, we delivered a strong solution that has the capacity to expand as the program and customer needs increase and evolve. We also built an enhancement plan to continue to add more features and capabilities. 

Built to last | We utilized out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities with no or low code to ensure software upgradability and easy enhancements. This low-code/no-code approach positioned the agency to continue to standardize and reuse what was built to continue to grow and accelerate time to value. 

Deployed Capabilities 

Based on the needs of the agency, the foundational release of SPM included 4 major capabilities: 

Demand Management | This capability captures, assesses, and manages demands from the business in one location. The application started tracking all demands and optimized planning for future projects. 

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) | We worked with the customer to upload all project plans into PPM. This process increased visibility into project specifics, such as timelines.  

Agile Development 2.0 | We tracked stories and development work throughout the lifecycle from a unified backlog of tasks. 

Test Management 2.0 | This capability allowed end-to-end test planning and monitoring for stakeholders and managed user acceptance testing (UAT), providing one location for documentation of test steps. This was a major improvement to the existing process of manually creating test scripts and tracking UAT across multiple SharePoint folders and files. 


With the goal of continually delivering value, our operations and management team provides ongoing enhancements to all SPM capabilities and processes.



Building trust to inspire adoption and new ways of working

At the beginning of the project, the customer expressed multiple desired outcomes: increased transparency into the platform and projects at all levels of the organization (including executive); streamlined and well-defined processes with the ability to scale; and adoption of ServiceNow capabilities with buy-in and confidence from employees.

The ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution provided teams a central destination to house ServiceNow demands, projects, and development timelines. This resulted in visibility across the enterprise and equipped business leaders with the information they needed to make decisions and meet goals quickly. 

The module currently supports the agency’s burgeoning ServiceNow program and has set the foundation for managing growth over the next several years—and connects strategy with delivery, provides full organizational visibility, and accelerates value across the agency.

Through Intact’s expertise and proven methodology, the customer gained a strong foundation for its ServiceNow program through the SPM implementation. 

This project enabled the following for the client:

One source of data – Central location to document and evaluate new requests for ServiceNow capabilities. A single system of action for the enterprise for all ServiceNow efforts.

Visibility – Connects the lifecycle of a demand from start to finish, providing end-to-end visibility. 

Effective analysis – At a glance view of all active development work and timelines to effectively analyze ServiceNow operational data.

High user adoption – Users are well-equipped to utilize the module with a library of training and support materials.

“I have been very pleased with the SPM implementation and communications. Due to this success, there has been significant interest shown by not only the Office of the CIO, but other divisions as well … I’m really looking forward to working with this team and showing the agency what we’re capable of.”

ServiceNow Lead
U.S. Federal Agency