Outcomes Case Study

Modernizing Employee Workflows in Record Time

Implementing HR Service Delivery (HRSD) and Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) for a major U.S. federal agency

Workplace Service Delivery HR Service Delivery
The Challenge

Overcoming silos between 87,000 U.S. federal agency employees

A large U.S. federal agency struggled to connect HR processes that cross multiple departments and support nearly 90,000 employees. The largely manual, disjointed processes were costing the agency money and time — and negatively impacting employee experience.

To address these challenges, and in anticipation of a significant influx of new staff, the agency needed a modernized, unified platform to better serve the growing number of employees.


Harnessing ServiceNow to quickly create interconnectedness

To modernize employee workflows, Intact implemented two new ServiceNow modules, HR Service Delivery (HRSD) and Workplace Service Delivery (WSD), and integrated them with the agency’s existing IT Service Management (ITSM) capabilities—enabling the customer to become the first large U.S. federal agency to connect automated workflows across the three modules.

Intact approaches implementations differently. Our solutions are: 

Aligned to outcomes | We worked with the customer to clearly understand the drivers behind the solution:

  1. Improve the employee experience.
  2. Reduce wasted time and resources to redirect them to more meaningful efforts.

Focused on people | The customer’s primary focus was on employee experience, which served as the driving force for the project. Intact needed to help the customer deliver seamless workflows across multiple departments with minimal impact to employees. We built a strong adoption plan that included training to support the adoption of the implemented capabilities.

Designed to scale | The initial implementation incorporated 286 services within the existing employee services portal, across 3 major modules, with the collaboration of 4 major departments in the agency. Scalability was key to ensure that all moving parts worked together and that additional employee services could continue to be added.

Built to last | Utilized out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities with no or low code to ensure software upgradability and easy enhancements. This low-code/no-code approach positioned the agency to continue to standardize and reuse what was built to accelerate time to value.


Fastest federal government HR modernization ever

By leveraging the capabilities of the HRSD, WSD, and ITSM modules, the customer connected formerly siloed workflows, which eliminated manual efforts, enabled employees to track the progress of their requests, and provided new levels of visibility for teams. Notably, the project introduced a staggering 286 new services accessible through the employee portal. This one-stop shop empowers nearly 90,000 agency employees to easily access solutions, seek information, and submit and track requests. This is the primary enabler for the 70% employee growth at the agency that will occur over the next five years. 

With this project’s success, the agency is positioned to continue improving the experience of both its existing and future workforce. 

Because of this project, the customer has:

Saved time and money – The agency predicted cost savings of $150 million over a 10-year period due to the fixed-price nature of Intact’s model, the reduction of dozens of legacy systems, and the improved productivity of the team. 

Focused on the things that matter – The client has moved away from manually processing documents, and now proactively addresses questions and concerns while focusing on strategic efforts.

Identified further areas of improvement – Moving siloed work processes into one central system has revealed inefficiencies, duplication of efforts, and previously unknown gaps. In just five months, over 200 new improvements have been delivered. 

Improved security – Role-based access allows them to more simply control visibility to data and eases the burden of compliance.

Shifted perspective – Users within the agency now feel empowered to come to management with technological solutions to their business problems.


“This approach fostered buy-in from the stakeholders and greater levels of satisfaction with what is being delivered, now and in the future.” 

Project Manager
Federal Agency
Outcomes Case Study

Streamlining HR processes

Harnessing HR Service Delivery, Workplace Service Delivery, and IT Service Management services for a large U.S. federal agency

IT Service Management Workplace Service Delivery HR Service Delivery
The Challenge

Rethinking an outdated onboarding process

A U.S. federal agency was using an onboarding and employee search system that had reached its end-of-life. The agency needed to find a new tool to comply with the 2018 BUILD act and improve employee experience —preferably one built for long-term use, and one that could handle different employment types as well as its detailed, predetermined onboarding and offboarding processes.


Applying HR, Workplace, and IT Service Management modules to drive automation and efficiency

Intact approaches platform systems differently. Intact, for the first time in the industry, leveraged ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD), Workplace Service Delivery (WSD), and IT Service Management (ITSM) services to create an integrated, consistent, easy-to-use platform that crossed departmental boundaries. 

Our solutions are: 

Aligned to outcomes | We worked with the customer to clearly understand the drivers behind the solution: 

  1. Compliance with the BUILD act to improve HR systems and processes. 
  2. Improve employee experience through a centralized system.  

Focused on people | We worked with over 10 different stakeholder groups to understand their specific needs. We educated them on the ServiceNow onboarding capabilities, and we built a communications and training plan to ensure user adoption and executive buy-in. 

Designed to scale | We designed repeatable and scalable processes that brought 68 different tasks into a single streamlined onboarding workflow. We implemented an innovative, never-seen solution to respond to the customer’s specific needs, and leveraged best-in-class technology and integrations focused on delivering incremental value to help move the agency ahead. 

Built to last | We utilized out-of-the-box (OOB) capabilities with no or low code to ensure software upgradability and easy enhancements. This low-code/no-code approach positioned the agency to continue to standardize and resume what was built and accelerate time to value.


A reimagined environment where everyone is on the same page—from Day 1

The solution consolidated and streamlined access to important onboarding and offboarding resources and information that met employees’ servicing needs—regardless of department or job type. The Intact team enabled an intuitive, user-friendly, new system that automatically provides visibility into the onboarding process, automates task notifications, and leverages templates for a more consistent employee experience. 

Intact’s implementation of the ServiceNow platform ensured everyone is aligned and better prepared to help incoming and outgoing employees have a streamlined and stress-free experience. 

This project enabled the following for the client: 

Early onboarding process – Access to an order guide for new employee supervisors to request system access, office assignments, laptop orders, and more, before employees’ first day of employment.

A one-stop shop for stakeholders – Employee supervisors can check onboarding statuses and all tasks assigned to their groups through the HR agent Workspace.

Efficiency through automation – Target flows by employee type to efficiently create and allocate tasks.

Consistency across new hire experience – Leverage HR Task Templates and notifications to interact with employees.

Connection and collaboration – 10 stakeholder groups connected through one workflow to accelerate onboarding.


“I have worked at several federal agencies who have tried unsuccessfully for years to build and deploy an Onboarding and Offboarding tool. Because we had the right tool, ServiceNow, and the right partner, Intact, we were able to create an amazing platform that gives us transparency and accountability in a way I never expected. Our new employees are able to complete their onboarding tasks so they are fully operational in about a week, and our Onboarding Team is ready to focus on the next round of new employees.”

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